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"This little girl started walking for the Diabetes Foundation of MS October 2008.

We Believe in their Mission.

We participate in the walks, we go to diabetes camp they sponsor, & the many Programs they offer for us & our friends who live with diabetes. 

We Love DFM"❤"








Let's Make Mississippi Healthier!   

Our mission is simple-  we save lives every day!  The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi (DFM) is the state's premier nonprofit health organization working to prevent diabetes and associated complications as well as to improve the lives of every child, adult, and every family touched by type 1 or type 2 diabetes. 

We accomplish this through education, support, advocacy, medical  assistance and research. 

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Dexcom Gen 5 Approved Early by the FDA!

This system will bring CGM data straight into a paired iPhone phone app (Android version in development) via Bluetooth, eliminating the need to carry a receiver (though a receiver can still be used, if desired, since the new Gen 5 transmitter can pair with two devices).  The Gen 5 system will begin shipping in late September (iOS only for now, Android in development for early 2016).

ALSO, United Healthcare and Anthem are now processing CGM as a pharmacy benefit. This allows patients to pick up Dexcom sensors at retail outlets like CVS and Walgreens, just like picking up a drug prescription. In addition to convenience, this could also mean lower out-of-pocket expenses for many patients – just a co-pay (e.g., $30) instead of co-insurance (e.g., 50% of the cost). It’s possible other insurance companies may follow suit, and Dexcom hopes to have the “vast majority” of its services running through pharmacies in the future.

See more at: http://diatribe.org/drugdevice-name/dexcom-gen-5

DFM in the NEWS!


July 12, 2015 Clarion-Ledger articles by Monica Land, Clarion-Ledger correspondent:

"In Mississippi, Cost Barriers to Diabetes Control"

"Toddler begins life journey through diabetes"


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