The people who shaped the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi

Our Founder Alton Cobb 1928-2021

Clarion Ledger Obituaries in Jackson, MS | Clarion LedgerAlton B Cobb
1965 Diabetes Association of Mississippi, Inc
1970s ADA Mississippi Affiliate Chapter
1998 Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi

Mary Fortune - Executive Vice President  of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi


Mary Fortune, executive vice president of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, pictured here with Bailey, one of DFM's Diabetic Alert Dogs, has lived with the disease 50 years.

at the helm of the Foundation for over 40 years since it was a local affiliate of the American Diabetes Association.    Jan 1983 - Present
As she marks her 50th anniversary with diabetes — a demanding and often unforgiving life partner — Fortune says she feels as if she has raised an enormous family of those from across the state who like her had to come to terms in their youth or childhood with multiple daily insulin injections, finger sticks, blood sugar highs and lows, rigorous attention to diet and exercise and the kind of health complications that can beset even the most conscientious.

IMO Zane Hodge: 1956-2023

For over 20 years, Zane Hodge taught English, Film, and Bible for Mississippi Delta Community College.  When he was not teaching, or pastoring Moorhead Church of God, or Centerville Baptist Church, he could be found swimming laps at Twin Rivers or running the streets of Greenwood or lifting weights in his backyard gym, Plate City.
10 years ago, Zane started the Chicot Challenge, an annual, open water marathon swim which he used for raising awareness of diabetes and funds for the Diabetes Foundation of MS.  In past years he swum with the names of the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's Kandu Kids sharpied onto him for inspiration, and swam 23 miles continuously in 2016.
As a change of pace for 2021, he planned the 5 day, 107 mile "Great Geezer Run" and ran -and later biked- after leg pain warned him of impending stress fracture) from his home in Greenwood, Mississippi to the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's office in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

In 2022 he teamed up with Tyler Kirk for the "Crazy Man Quadrathalon" - a triathlon (66 miles- consisting of a one mile swim, a 55 mile bicycle ride, a ten mile run) plus a powerlifting meet of a max squat, bench, and deadlift plus a log press, because it worked with the theme of four.

In 2023, he dreamed up the idea of "Pool Fools: Bad Swimming for a Good Cause!!"

Zane Hodge, Alaina Matthews, Gloria Hathcock, Bubba Nause, Rob White, Hugh Warren, Wade Litton and Heston Powers met at Twin Rivers Recreation at 503 West Barton Avenue in Greenwood, MS and swam over 12 miles between them.
Zane will be sorely missed by family, friends, students and all the others whose lives he touched.
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