Mississippi's Walks for Diabetes!

The DFM is the only diabetes organization in Mississippi that keeps your donations local to help your fellow Mississippians.  Your fundraising will not only help newly diagnosed children receive backpacks of information and provide a lifeline to their parents, but will also assist those with diabetes in our state get the medications and information they need in order to live well with diabetes!  Your donations will help educate teachers about how to properly care for their students with diabetes throughout the school day, advocate for diabetes legislation, and so much more.

Life is Better when We Walk Together!

Gather your family, friends, co-workers, patients and anyone else you can and form a walk team for walk season 2023-24!
Or just make a donation to a team that appeals to you!

To REGISTER, SCROLL DOWN to the Registration form below.

To set up a Fundraising Page on Mightycause, Click The Link below. (Set up a Fundraiser to prevent confusion.)

October 6, 2024 -- Jackson Walk  -- TBA

October 13, 2024 --

October 20, 2024 --

October 27, 2024 --

November 3, 2024 --

Team Captains!  Check the dates for the Walk nearest you and Plan ahead so you have plenty of time to build your walk team!

The 2022 T-shirt pocket design

  1.  Collect those important donations that we need to save lives every day, by keeping our programs and services up and running. You can turn them in at the walk and/or  set up online fundraisers!
  2.  We have some fundraising ideas and items you can sell to increase your team's donation totals! (Remember, the more you raise, the more incentives you can earn!)
  3.  Join us at the Walk nearest you!
  4.  After the walk, send us your photos and videos so we can post them on our event pages, website, and Facebook page.

$25 suggested Registration Donation.  Raise $50 and receive our Walk T-shirt!
$10 Gift cards OR extra T-shirts will be available for those raising $100 and up! 

Feel free to contact us for more details and FUNdraising ideas!  Call the DFM at 601-957-7878.

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